Tuff Stuff Tire Deflator Kit Set of 4 - TS-TDFL

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Tuff Stuff Tire Deflator Kit Set of 4 - TS-TDFL

Tuff Stuff Adjustable Tire Deflator Kit - Set Of 4 - Tuff Stuff's adjustable tire deflators take the work out of deflating your tires for off-road driving in the sand or dirt. No more kneeling down, or making your passengers do all the work! Simply screw on your Tuff Stuff tire Deflators with the desired tire pressure pre-adjusted and walk away until they stop seeping air. Our Tire Deflators are fully adjustable and allow air to deflate to as little as 6psi with NO tools needed! Made from 100% high quality brass.

What's even better, is these tire deflators are the most sensitive and accurate type of tire deflator on the market, allowing pressure to be adjusted in increments of 3psi. The deflators adjusting mechanism is very easy to work and once they have been set, simply lock into place with the set screw to prevent any unwanted movement or change in psi which is a feature that no other style deflators can offer.

Tuff Stuff's adjustable deflators also incorporate a manual release and starting valve built in which allows you to manually start the deflators if your tires are close to the desired pressure. This feature allows for fine tuning of tire pressure without the deflator automatically starting. With the other adjustable deflators, if the starting pressure is too close to the final desired pressure the deflator will simply not function anymore.

  • No Tools Required
  • Includes 4 Deflators
  • Includes Carrying Case
  • Manual Start/Stop Valve Built In
  • Can Be Used On Any Standard Valve Stem
  • Easily Disassembled To Clean Out Sand Or Dirt
  • Made From 100% Brass Material To Eliminate Rust
  • Air Immediately Releases From Tire Once Screwed On
  • Adjust Tire Pressure From 6-30psi - In 3psi Increments

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