Chief Products - Featured Manufacturer

Chief Products - Featured Manufacturer

Nov 9th 2017

Chief Products rolls open the doors with a handful of passionate employees focused on creating products that enable you and your machine to venture out and experience the beauty and freedom of nature. We believe in an old-fashioned idea, that the world is a better place when people live their lives with passion and enthusiasm. The way we see it, the people who love the world are the people who change it and make it a better place.

Filled with a dedicated group of artisans, Chief Products sets out to be something bigger than a brand. A culture; inspired by creativity, authenticity, openness and a rumbling appetite for adventure. We envision a future where the various pursuits of fun — Off-Roading, Camping, Surfing, whatever — aren’t carved into fundamentalist factions. Where what brings us together is more important than what separates us. All adventurous spirits are welcome inside the Chief Products tent, as far as we’re concerned it’s all the same juice.


Those who crave the roar of adventure, there is no need to seek us out, we are already brothers.


The thrill of rolling through rut filled muddy trails and climbing up steep hills to arrive someplace few have gone. These machines that move us are the ultimate celebration of ingenuity and creativity, taking us further and letting us stay longer.


A love of wild and beautiful places that instills a deep sense of contentment and freedom. Crisp air, painted skies and a sense of space that provides a connection with the world and draws us back to the simple happy pleasures in life.

We believe products built by people who are passionate and loving are better than products built by people who aren’t. This idea governs who we are as a company, and it leads us to hire passionate people; who love coming to work, looking beyond the boundaries, doing things that are hard and innovating to make things better.

Check out the entire product line here: Chief Products

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