BajaRack Roof Racks – Frequently Asked Questions

BajaRack Roof Racks – Frequently Asked Questions

Jan 24th 2019

Helpful Hint!

Think about the type of gear and cargo you will be transporting. Do you plan on adding a rooftop tent? How do plan on securing your cargo? Is clearance a factor?

These are important factors to consider when choosing a roof rack.

Which roof rack design is right for me?

Standard Basket: Wide range of use. Gear and cargo can be placed inside and secured by the railing of the basket. To install a rooftop tent, you will need a set of  crossbars.

Utility Flat Rack: Better suited for larger gear such as kayaks, surfboards, and canoes. The low-profile design makes loading/unloading easier and provides more clearance than the Standard Basket. You can install a rooftop tent directly to this style roof rack. (Tent Plates recommended)

Should I choose a standard or mesh floor?

Standard Tube Floor: Great all-purpose design that can handle a wide range of gear and cargo. Easier to maintain and clean.

Mesh Floor: Easier to walk on. Easier to manage a chair, table, tripod, etc. More work to manage and clean.

Are Tent Plates required to install a rooftop tent?

Some tents include their own mounting hardware, however most kits do not incorporate a protective sponge spacer. This can lead to powder coat damage, so we highly recommend using  Bajarack Tent Plates.

Do BajaRack Roof Racks require any drilling into my vehicle?

None of the racks or accessories require drilling.

*Exception: International Ford Ranger pickup.

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