Air Intake Upgrade – What are the benefits?

Air Intake Upgrade – What are the benefits?

Posted by @rikdaddy on Nov 8th 2017

The concept of the modern day engine is pretty simple even if you aren’t familiar with each vital component under your hood that helps create the horsepower and torque that you’re craving more of. You’ve probably heard “suck, squeeze, bang, blow” or at least some variation of it about 1,000 times if you’re a gearhead. That’s the general concept of how a four-stroke engine works. But what benefit is this information to you? Well, the more efficient you can make each of those steps, the better your car will perform.

The simplest upgrade you can make, and arguably the best bang-for-your-buck, is adding an air intake system. Whether it’s a drop-in replacement filter or a full cold air intake unit, you should see (and feel) immediate results. But why and how? We’ll start with the “why” first. Car and truck manufacturers are limited to what they are allowed to give to consumers straight from the factory for several reasons. Usually it’s an emissions restriction so if you pop open your stock air box, you’ll see a flimsy paper filter. 

It’s not horrible. It gets the important job done, which is keeping dirt out of your engine. But the lack of airflow that is provides is literally robbing you of free horsepower. 

When you upgrade your stock filter with a high performance air intake such as Injen Technologies then you’re already making your engine work less on the “suck” step (We’re talking cars here. Keep your minds out of the gutter).

You should be able to feel a noticeable difference in power, response, and even gas mileage. Obviosuly results will vary depending on the year, make, and configuration of your vehicle. But with a rather small investment, you’re already on your way to making more horsepower and saving gas money at the same time. Usually those two don’t go hand-in-hand. Even better news is that unlike those paper filters, many aftermarket versions are washable and reusable so they last much longer too.

The installation processes are fairly simple too. All of the major brands that we carry are CARB approved meaning that you will have no problems with emissions testing and you won’t get hassled by the cops. We count that as a win-win.

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