Injen Acura Cold Air Intake System RD1425BLK

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Acura Cold Air Intake System

Injen's Race Division series is a cold air intake system improves the engine power by allowing oxygen into cylinders which in turn improves combustion efficiency. Most intake tubes are strategically placed behind the front bumper to acquire colder and denser air. Although most of the RD series is a one-piece design, several are two-piece designs due to the mass air flow meters. Nearly all RD intake system is certified or pending by the California Air Resource Board and backed by Injen Technology?s limited lifetime warranty.

  • Delivers more oxygen to the combustion chamber by drawing in cooler air.
  • Custom designed and engineered to deliver maximum power for each specific vehicle.
  • Improves acceleration and fuel economy.
  • Every system includes the Injen EA Nanofiber dry air filter.

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