PIAA Super Silicone 16" Wiper Blade - 95040

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PIAA Super Silicone 16" Wiper Blade

PIAA Super Silicone Wipers have been the benchmark for wiper performance for nearly a decade – their silicone infused blades delivering whisper-quiet movement, unrivaled vision, and long life. With extended sizes available, PIAA Super Silicone Wipers boast applications for nearly every vehicle on the road. Both both hook and pin applications – 3/16” and 1/4” pin styles – available.

The PIAA Super Silicone Wiper Blade is made of silicone rubber to ensure greater visibility by coating the windshield with silicone to promote continuous water beading in inclement weather. Water beads up into droplets at low speeds that are easily removed by ordinary wiping. And at higher speeds, wind pressure pushes the water off the windshield, often without even requiring wiper use. The silicone coating also reduces drag and eliminates annoying and inefficient chattering, regardless of the shape of the windshield to provide greater comfort for both driver and passenger. The PIAA Super Silicone Wiper Blades reapply the silicone coating every time the wipers are used. PIAA wiper blades maintain a sharp, clean edge and offer better resistance to all climates -- heat, ozone, ultra-violet, and wear -- clearly outperforming the industry standard.

  • Silicone Wipers last up to 2x longer than standard wipers
  • Coats windshield with water-repellent silicone with every wipe
  • Engineered frame has equal pressure points for quiet and streak free wiping
  • Silicone rubber resists wear and damage from UV and sunlight exposure
  • Blades are pre-installed with a C1 adapter and contains multiple adapters for a wide range of applications.
  • Made in Japan
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